Why is the Holy Moly Glass Cleaning Cloth different?

The Holy Moly cloth provides a with a cost-saving approach to cleaning, you can clean with water only or for added power use white vinegar. In addition, the cloths are reusable by simply laundering them in your washing machine. For optimal results, air dry and never use fabric softener as this will neutralize the effective cleaning power of these amazing cloths!

Reasons to Buy Holy Moly Glass Cleaning Cloth:

  • Reusable

One of the best attributes of the cloth is that it is reusable. Use, wash and repeat! Bleach as needed, air dry and remember no fabric softener

  • Economical

Once you buy a Holy Moly Glass Cleaning cloth, you do not need to waste time on paper towels, tissues, and other cleaning sprays. This saves money!

  • Eco-Friendly

The Holy Moly Glass Cleaning Cloth is entirely chemical-free. There is no use of harmful chemicals or any detergent required. They absolutely never streak!

Steps to Use Holy Moly Glass Cleaning Cloth

For best results.. it’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Wet It – Just add water to be ready to clean.
  2. Wring It – Wring to get rid of excess water and ensure it is well squeezed but still moist to the touch
  3. Wipe It – Take your damp Holy Moly Cloth and wipe the smooth surface you want to clean!

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